Practising calm breathing and relaxation techniques when you are feeling okay really helps build confidence and body memory, making it easier to put them in place when feeling anxious or panicky.  Sometimes it can be really helpful to listen to someone guiding you through a calming breathing exercise or a visualisation. Here are a few places where you can listen and try out calm breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and visualisation exercises.

Visualising a Peaceful Scene.

Imagining yourself in a safe and tranquil place, for several moments can encourage a general sense of relaxation and help with anxious thoughts. Picture the scene in detail, using all the senses; sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Your tranquil place could be a beach, sitting by a calm lake or under a tree, whatever appeals to you. Here are a couple you could try at home.


Unwind and connect with nature with this series of seven short films. They combine relaxing original music with film of beautiful nature locations in the British Isles.