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    Whether you’re running around the balcony for 2.6 miles, doing 26 press-ups with the dog on your back or bench-pressing 26 toilet rolls, we need your help to save our charity!

From 26th April the 2.6 challenge is inviting you to set your own personal two-six fundraising challenge. This could be running 26 laps of your garden, painting 26 pictures, creating a made-to-measure couture outfit from 26 pairs of socks, hopping for 2.6 minutes (and repeating 26 times), singing for 26 minutes on a video call with 26 friends or any number (perhaps 260?!) of other ideas. Be as creative as you can and you’ll be raising vital funds for us and other charities across the UK.

What a coincidence! It is also 26 years since the Somerville Foundation (originally known as GUCH PA) was first registered as a charity!

We receive no government funding and rely solely on donations. During the current crisis all fundraising events have ceased and we have had to reduce staff and services in order to survive.

The 2.6 challenge is an opportunity for everyone to get involved and play a part in ensuring The Somerville Foundation is here to support young people and adults born with a heart condition far into the future.

How to take part in the 2.6 Challenge:

1. Come up with any challenge based around the numbers 2.6 or 26.
2. Head to The 2.6 Challenge site to donate £26 – or whatever you can afford – choose the Somerville Foundation or set up a fundraising page.
3. Ask all your friends and family to sponsor you and challenge them to do their own 2.6 Challenge.
4. Complete your challenge – either on Sunday or whenever after that is most convenient.
5. Share a photo or video of your challenge on social media with #TwoPointSixChallenge and tag us: Facebook: @thesomervillefoundation, Twitter: @_Thesf or Instagram: @somervillefoundation.

We’ll share updates on our social media so don’t forget to tag us in your photos and videos.

The money raised will help us continue doing what we do best – a patient-led organisation that enhances the lives of people born with heart conditions by providing services and support that empowers, motivates, inspires and enriches lives.

If setting up a 2.6 fundraising page is not for you, why not support one of these amazing fundraisers below. Simply click on their name to head over to their profile and show them some love!

Charlotte Smith

Walking 26 miles during lockdown for The Somerville Foundation because the foundation supported my dad.

Robert Kemp

Climbing 26 flights of stairs for 26 days for The Somerville Foundation because TheSF is Sponsored by ChicaneConnect.

Jane Tippett

I am running for 26 minutes for The Somerville Foundation because I have Congenital Heart Disease.

Michelle Woods

I’m walking, jogging, & dancing 26,000 steps today for The Somerville Foundation because it’s a charity close to my heart.

Beth Greenaway

Riding 26 laps of the Volcano Circuit on Zwift for The Somerville Foundation because they are a charity very ‘close to my heart’!

Joanna Swap

Joanna and Logan’s 2.6k Challenge page.

Sarah Keeble

Madison will be taking on a 2.6 mile walk for The Somerville Foundation because we want to help this great local charity.

Rebecca O’Neill

Virgin Money Giving 2.6 Fundraiser.

Hayley Green

Virgin Money Giving 2.6 Fundraiser.

You can help us through these other channels too if the challenge is not for you:

On JustGiving Or on VirginMoneyGiving or Donate through CAF online.

Visit our Donate Page to see how you can make a difference.