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TAKE THE SURVEY: Cardiology 2022 Curriculum Survey


Your say can shape the future of ACHD services, or they will VANISH! We need as many people, not just ACHD patients to take part in this survey! The deadline to participate is the 20th of June 2021.


The Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board are currently working on a draft Curriculum for Cardiology Training. The purpose of this curriculum is to produce doctors with the generic professional and specialty specific capabilities needed to manage adult patients presenting with the full range of acute and chronic cardiovascular symptoms and conditions.

*** View our blog post: Survey Responses – Cardiology 2022 Curriculum Survey explaining further detail on the survey. 

The impact of this could mean that:

  • There will no longer be specialists in Congenital Cardiology
  • The pure existence of specialist ACHD cardiologists will be at risk
  • Patients will not have experienced ACHD specialists to treat them in future
  • A disappearance of specialist centres and the services they provide
  • There will be no need for other support organisations, charities and groups.

HOW can you help?

Complete the Cardiology curriculum consultation and equality impact survey and share as widely as possible! The survey is completely anonymous!

We suggest the following answers to the following questions below in the survey, as they will have a massive impact if answered otherwise:

Question 15 – Answer – NO. It’s very unlikely the new capabilities would produce the experts ACHD patients need.

Question 16Answer – NO, The descriptors and examples will most likely not give appropriate guidance that the ACHD patients need there to be.

Question 17 –  Answer YES. The change to high level learning will most likely impact on ACHD patients badly.

Question 20Answer – NO. The list suggests all cardiologists should be able to deal adequately with ACHD, this we believe could be very dangerous to ACHD patients.

Question 21Answer – NO. We don’t believe it is appropriate to have the procedures as listed.

Question 22Answer YES. The thing missing is an understanding of the importance of specialisation

Question 23Answer YES. The challenge will be what to do when faced with the likely outcome – more deaths.

Question 24 – We suggest that you put in a comment about the need for ACHD care.

Access the survey here. Please put in as much feedback as possible and share as much as possible! Deadline to participate in this survey is 20 June 2021!