ACHD Patient

Thank you for expressing interest in joining our organisation as a patient member. As someone born with a congenital heart condition (CHD), your involvement is so valuable.  

We are pleased to welcome you to become a patient member. If you do not have CHD but have a friend or family member living with CHD then complete the Heart Families form instead.

When your membership has been approved, you will be able to access information, support and services through our website and receive a copy of UPBEAT our quarterly magazine direct to your inbox.

The information we collect from you enables us to tailor our services and target resources in the best possible way. All fields marked with an * are mandatory, but others are optional. We understand you may not be able to answer all the questions and that is ok, please help us by providing as much information as you can. We never share personal data but the information you provide allows us to provide statistical data to healthcare professionals and funders to help us obtain much needed funds to support people living with CHD and their families and enables us to provide you with targeted support and more relevant information.