What difference could your employees’ pennies make?

Pennies from Heaven is a simple idea that is making a big difference to CHD patients. In fact, to date, Pennies from Heaven has raised over £4 million for over 250 charities.

With Pennies from Heaven, employees donate the pennies from their payslip or company pension (if they want to!). So, if they earn £850.34, then they keep the £850 and donate the 34p to charity.

All your employees can join in because donations are never more than 99p a month. Even better, the taxman will add 25% at no cost to the donor or employer via gift aid.

This form of payroll giving (also known as ‘give as you earn’ or workplace giving) is a valuable, long-term source of income that will help us to budget and plan more effectively.

Imagine the difference £1 million would make to congenital heart patients finding life difficult.

Straight to the heart of the matter.

There is nobody else doing what we do in the UK. But each year it costs us over £250,000 to run our services.

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Why get your business involved?

Because we need you to!

  • Pennies from Heaven is simple to set up. Most major payroll systems are already running Pennies from Heaven so modifications to payroll systems are minimal
  • Pennies from Heaven is simple to communicate. Pennies from Heaven provide tailored communications for you such as application forms,  flyers, posters and website materials
  • Pennies from Heaven is simple to join. Employees / pensioners complete a short form once and then deductions automatically happen on every payslip. It is effortless for donors and effortless for charities.
  • Pennies from Heaven is flexible. The scheme can be adapted to fit the needs of your organisation be it the number of charities, the frequency of donations, the amount being donated and even the name of the scheme!

Your help makes an incredible difference to people’s lives.

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How can your business help?

Make The Somerville Foundation your ‘Charity of the Year’

Get your workforce involved in fundraising activities, volunteering, events, challenges and more!

Encourage your employees to fundraise or volunteer

You could even
motivate staff by offering to match funds that they raise.

Set up Payroll Giving

Pennies from Heaven is a fantastic and easy way to raise charity funds by donating pennies from your payslip or company pension.

Become a sponsor

Sponsor a project or event to support us while gaining fantastic brand awareness for your company.

Attend an event  

Buy tickets for one of our fundraising events for an exceptional way to entertain customers and employees.


Exhibit at our annual conference or other events.

Introduce an optional £1 donation or round-up

Ask customers whether they would like to add an optional £1 to their bill, or whether they would like to round up to the nearest £1 to donate to The Somerville Foundation.

Make a tax-efficient gift

If you donate to The Somerville Foundation, your gross donation is deductible from the total profits of your business when calculating Corporation Tax.

Give a ‘Gift in Kind’

Giving doesn’t always mean cash. Donate a product we can use for an auction or raffle. Or, perhaps donate something we need such as printing services, materials, professional services and advice, or venue space.

In 2017, we were delighted to receive a donation of £6,000 from Suffolk Freemasons. The Freemasons were interested to hear about the work we do to support congenital heart patients and in particular about grant-funded Coaguchek machines. The £6,000 they donated will help to give grants to patients who need to check their INR levels at home, for a coaguchek machine from Roche Diagnostics.

With your help, we’ve helped fund new and improved treatments for congenital heart disease. we opened the UK’s first dedicated Congenital Heart Research Centre. we’ve organised receptions at the House of Lords and House of Commons, a film première, concerts, parachute jumps, marathon runs, annual sponsored walks and masquerade balls. we ensure that adult CHD patients enjoy access to every opportunity, are free from discrimination, and are fully supported throughout their lives. we’ve staged annual conferences, regional patient information days and workshops throughout the UK. we’ve published a range of leaflets for CHD patients on a wide-range of topics. we’ve launched a Freephone patient helpline to provide practical advice, a listening ear, and emotional reassurance at times of stress. we’ve created online networks where congenital heart patients can connect with each other. we successfully applied for a Comic Relief grant to help develop mental health support services. we’ve contributed to adult congenital heart disease nurse training days and taken part in various study days and conferences for medical and health professionals. we’ve established a benevolent fund for members who are in financial hardship. we’ve organised residential weekends and outward bound holidays for teenagers and adults, providing congenital heart patients with the opportunity to meet and gain support from each other.

Just think what else we could do if you donate, fundraise or volunteer for us.