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Completely Free!

Be part of the CHD community for;
> advocacy and peer support
> access to wellbeing counselling
> Coaguchek machine facilitation
> employment law specialist
> life and travel insurance and brokers
> financial support
and much more!


£60 a year

for less than the price of a weekly takeaway coffee
You get all the benefits of being a Friend’ plus;
> subsidised MedicAlert membership
> free place at our annual patient event
> printed copy Heart Month newsletter
> Somerville heart pin badge and much more!
£250 per annum

an opportunity to support CHD services for the future
All the benefits of being a ‘Supporter’ plus;
we are hoping, later in the year,
to bring you a chance to
> meet with some of the country’s leading cardiologists at an exclusive event and an opportunity to join in with topical discussions.
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Best Wishes for a brighter, better and healthier 2021!