Havercroft Have Heart

Havercroft Construction Ltd raised a fantastic £3,825.00 for The Somerville Foundation during the time they were in Ipswich. We spoke to Jon Patrick, Site Manager, about the Ipswich project and what’s next for Havercroft Construction…

Tell us a bit about your current project, obstacles you have had to deal with and how you have overcome them? 

The project scope was to refurbish the front external facia across the entirety of Euro Retail Park to give a 21st century appeal, enticing more people to use the park. This also gives a more pleasurable shopping experience for the public.

The works involved the removal of the entire shop frontage, including glazing, masonry, entrance canopy, bollards and paving. New steelwork was installed to create the framework for the new frontage, a new glazing suite has been installed to each store along with a high-level main entrance feature, new low-level illuminated covered walkway, finished with new bollards, paving and ground lights.

The works had to be done whilst the stores were still trading, so had to be carefully planned and managed. The way we made this work was by erecting a temporary weatherproof internal hoarding from floor to ceiling inside the shop, with an entrance tunnel leading from the store complete with a protective crash deck for the public to access/exit safely.

A secure solid fence hoarding system was erected outside the store to allow us to work on the frontage and minimise any impact on the public; a temporary public walkway was installed to the front of this hoarding line. The hoarding was approximately 8 feet tall and painted white, this made it more visually appealing and allowed the individual stores to advertise merchandise and opening times on the hoarding. Erecting the hoardings had to be done out of hours whilst the stores were closed to allow full access for the contractors without causing problems to staff and public.

The demolition elements of the frontage were done as night works and some of the bigger steelwork elements were delivered and erected at night too, with some steelwork members being up to 11 metres high.

Modern updated insulated cladding panels, that greatly improve the thermal properties of the store, were installed during normal hours from inside the external hoarding. Decorative brickwork has been built up at low level.

The glazing is up to 6.5 metres in height with some of the specialist double-glazing units weighing up to half a tonne. These were put in place using a specialist spider crane that has been used previously doing a similar job on the Shard in London.

A network of new electric cables has been installed to supply the specially imported external lighting system sourced from Italy, ground lights, overhead low-level walkway lights and high-level illuminated individual store signage.

In the final few weeks block paving, stainless steel bollards and new traffic kerbs were installed to complete the project. Each store was completed in 14 weeks, on programme and within budget.

What are you proud of with this latest project? 

We have brought the park up to a 21st century standard, we have achieved this with minimum impact to the stores and public and we have forged great relationships with the individual store personnel, who have helped us achieve this. We have made some long-lasting friendships with our local workforce and suppliers during our stay in Ipswich.

How have you managed working with the stakeholders and any special requests or specific issues?

We had monthly progress meetings with CPC, the landlord’s representative, who have been involved throughout with decision-making, design and issues if and when encountered. We have site pre-start meetings with the store teams before works start, and myself and the site personnel consult with the store teams on a daily basis during the works to maintain the working relationships.

Tell us a bit about your involvement in the Considerate Constructors Scheme?

As part of the Considerate Constructors scheme we are signed up to, we:

Care about our appearance

  • Ensuring that the external appearance of our sites enhances the image of the industry.
  • Being organised, clean and tidy.
  • Enhancing the appearance of facilities, stored materials, vehicles and plant.
  • Raising the image of the workforce by their appearance.

Secure everyone’s safety

  • Having systems that care for the safety of the public, visitors and the workforce.
  • Minimising security risks to neighbours.
  • Having initiatives for continuous safety improvement.
  • Embedding attitudes and behaviours that enhance safety performance.

Respect the community

  • Informing, respecting and showing courtesy to those affected by the work.
  • Minimising the impact of deliveries, parking and work on the public footprint.
  • Contributing to and supporting the local community and economy.
  • Working to create a positive and enduring impression, and promoting the Code.

Value our workforce

  • Providing a workplace where everyone is respected, treated fairly, encouraged and supported.
  • Identifying personal development needs and promoting training.
  • Caring for the health and wellbeing of the workforce.
  • Providing and maintaining high standards of welfare.

Protect the Environment

  • Identifying, managing and promoting environmental issues on site.
  • Seeking sustainable solutions, and minimising waste, the carbon footprint and resources.
  • Minimising the impact of vibration, and air, light and noise pollution.
  • Protecting the ecology, the landscape, wildlife, vegetation and water courses where applicable.

 What sets Havercroft apart from other construction companies?

We are a medium-sized, family owned construction company, who have a large core of very experienced, long-standing staff. The company is based in Elsham, North Lincolnshire, and due to the set-up of the company we have direct communication and accountability to all other parts of the business, including Directors. Unlike larger organisations where there are many layers and chains of command, we are unique in that not one member of staff is faceless or unknown to anyone in the business. As a team, each element integrates extremely well from start to finish. This allows us to be more flexible and reactive and be able to manage a project to the real, unique needs of an individual client and their surroundings.

Why did you choose The Somerville Foundation?

We were looking for a charity that was based locally to this project, and that we felt addressed real, current needs to local people. The Somerville Foundation we felt were just that, their team’s proactive approach and enthusiastic contribution and communication with us throughout this project has allowed us to contribute in way that we hope will be of real benefit.

What projects are next for Havercroft?  

We are currently working on several other projects, the two most prominent at present being:

Trafford Retail Park, Manchester – This is a new-build project and will create an Aldi Store and a Drive Thru Starbucks Coffee shop. All works are being carried out on an unused piece of land adjacent to a current retail park.

Elgar Retail Park, Worcester – Works are ongoing to refurbish Unit D on this retail park; again this comprises full-frontal refurbishment including new steelwork, glazing, doors etc. and internal strip out and refurbishment back to shell ready for fit-out works to commence via another contractor.

Thank you again Jon, all the team at Havercroft and suppliers and contractors for your very generous donation. It will go a long way towards helping us deliver essential support and services to congenital heart patients across the country.