From Your Heart to Theirs

Our Heart Wall of Reflection is a place to leave a message for a loved one who may need some encouragement or for those who have lost their battles. You may like to include an Online Donation alongside your post. Whether you make a one-off donation or give regularly, thank you very much for your support. We couldn’t do what we do without you. Submit your message in the form below.

Dedicated to Joan Owen

“Mum, together with Dad and the rest of the family, you loved and supported me through my heart problems in the 1970s and 2004 and my more recent psychological struggles. I’ll be forever grateful.
We all miss you so much but we know that you are everything, you are everywhere and you are evermore.
“You are the quack of a duck
You are the wind in the trees
You are the lessons in a book
You are the sweetness of peas
You are the bird flying high
You are a flake in the snow
You are the star shooting by
You are everywhere I go.
You are the green of the grass
You are the love of a dog
You are the chatter in the class
You are the warmth of a log
You are the lap of the wave
You are the ebb and the flow
You are the lives that we save
You are everything I know
You are the cheese on the toast
You are the light of the day
You are the potato of my roast
You are never going away
You are the tick and the tock
You are the welcome at the door
You are the hands on the clock
You are the love, evermore
You are everything, you are everywhere, you are evermore.” ~ Mike Owen

In Memory of Susanne Ashley

Rest in Peace Mum. You lived so bravely and we will always be joined by our heart experiences. Miss you forever. Never be like the others Pxxxx


In Memory of Jonathan Freeman

We never got chance to meet, Jonathan, but your bravery, strength & friendship, despite all your challenges, was truly inspirational & your love of life shone brightly. ❤️

Mike Owen

In Loving Memory of Karen Gibson

 Karen Gibson

So sorry to hear of your passing. I have many happy memories of our meetings on leather colours and analyzing customer trends. Always good fun and you will be sorely missed. RIP. Tony Marks AML

In Loving Memory of Karen Gibson

 Karen Gibson

So sad to hear of your passing away. We did not work closely together but every time we discussed a topic it was always enjoyable. My deepest condolences to Craig & your family. Richard Wilcox

In Loving Memory of Karen Gibson

 Karen Gibson

My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time. xx Alison Thomas

Jane Walsh

Rest in peace Jane. You fought following a heart transplant and you’re now helping the future patients through the care the team gave you at Newcastle.

Team Walsh