Fundraising goes GREEN!

The Somerville office team recently held a Charity Plant Sale and raised an incredible £397! Fundraising can be fun and you can do it anywhere…even from your front yard! Every penny raised goes straight into providing much-needed services for young people and adults born with heart conditions. With summer here the possibilities are endless.

Why fundraise?

Because we need you to!

  • Fundraising gets you out and about, meeting new people, and taking part in your local community
  • Fundraising is a great way to have fun and make friends
  • Through fundraising, you can make a valued contribution to The Somerville Foundation
  • It can be easy to fundraise if you keep it really simple
  • There’s an approach to suit every lifestyle and schedule

Reasons to get involved

  • To remember a loved one
  • To help others
  • To show the world that you are passionate about something
  • To support your inner values
  • To give something back to the heart community
  • To provide a sense of motivation and purpose
  • To earn respect from peers and the local community
  • To gain new experience and enhance your job skills

If you need some ideas or want to talk to us about an idea you have, get in touch with us on admin@thesf.org.uk or give us a ring at the office on: 01473 252007