1 Million Feb Foot Steps for TSF

To mark Heart month this February, we have created the challenge of walking 1,000,000 steps for the Somerville Foundation.  The aim is for our community of patients and supporters to get outside and walk, and together we will try to reach 1 million steps.

Walking is well known to have benefits for our physical and mental wellbeing. 1,000,000 steps equates to approximately 500 miles, so it will be no mean feat to achieve this in February.

How to get involved:
Step 1: Register your interest to take part with Richard at richard.bird@thesf.org.uk
Step 2: Begin your walking in February and make a note of how many steps you take each time.
Step 3: Let the group know how you are getting on, using social media and photos of your walks #1millionsteps
Step 4: Inform Richard of how many steps you have achieved at the end of February.
Step 5 : Please let friends and family know what you are doing – they can go to our JustGiving Feb Footsteps page if they would like to donate.

**Important: Please follow Government instructions regarding Coronavirus at all times**

Happy trails!