We are working with service providers and relevant stakeholders to improve health care provision. On our behalf, as our voluntary Scottish Campaign Manager, Dr Liza Morton sits on NHS Scotland’s Scottish Congenital Cardiac Advisory Board & their working group for developing standards.

In 2012, Liza submitted a petition to the Scottish Parliament asking for improved care and National Healthcare Standards.  Since, she has been working tirelessly with service providers & relevant stakeholders to improve health care provision sitting on NHS Scotland National Service Division’s ‘Scottish Congenital Cardiac Advisory Board’ & their working group for developing standards and representing us by attending and presenting to the Heart Disease and Stroke Cross Party Group at the Scottish Parliament.

On the 31st of January 2018, NHS National Services Scotland – National Services Division (NSD) issued Specialist Adult & Paediatric standards for Congenital Cardiac Services which can be viewed on the Scottish Congenital Cardiac Service website (https://www.socn.scot.nhs.uk/about-us/).

This is a momentous step forward and the first time we have had healthcare standards in Scotland.

A recommendation paper for National Standards for local care provision are currently being consider by Health Improvement Scotland and we continue to work with them as key stakeholders.

Liza Morton has just been asked to sit on the newly established Scottish Obstetric Cardiac Network (http://www.mcns.scot.nhs.uk/types-of-network/national-networks-in-scotland/nmcns/scottish-obstetric-cardiology-network/)

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