Somerville Heart Foundation is the only UK-wide charity dedicated to supporting young people and adults born with all forms of heart conditions, known as Congenital Heart Disease (or CHD).

We provide support, advocacy, communication, and a community for those we are here to help. We also campaign for their rights to receive excellent medical care to enable them to lead happy, healthy, and longer lives.

What is Congenital Heart Disease?

Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) describes a heart condition or defect that developed in the womb. The term ‘Congenital’ means the condition is present from birth.

What is Somerville Heart Foundation?

Somerville Heart Foundation was created to support young people and adults born with heart conditions.

Support for Our Community

Our community area has a lot of useful guidance and information for living with CHD.

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Friends, Supporters, and Patrons of The Somerville Foundation have a private space to access resources, event information, and news.
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